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2016-2017 Pricetabel


Below you’ll find our price list for the 2016/2017 academic year. Some prices do fluctuate depending on the nature of the course (such as those for business), and you may have to purchase a textbook to use in your lessons. Please check the price for the course you’re interested in.

Continuing students – i.e. those who’ve previously completed a 120-academic hour course with us – receive a 10% discount. Prices include refreshments (water, tea/coffee and sweets) to give you a boost during lessons.

Payments are via bank transfer on the basis of invoices. You will be issued with your invoice after your first lesson, once you’ve decided whether it’s the course for you.

Courses can be paid for in monthly instalments if you enter into a training contract. Prices include VAT.

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 Group Study (7-10 students), 60 ac/h  360 EUR (inclusive of VAT)
 Group Study (7-10 students), 60 ac/h Business
 420 EUR (inclusive of VAT)
 Mini Group Study (5-6 students), 50 ac/h  360 EUR (inclusive of VAT)
 Mini Group Study (4 students), 40 ac/h  360 EUR (inclusive of VAT)
 Mini Group Study (3 students), 40 ac/h  480 EUR (inclusive of VAT)
 Individual lessons  €24–28  (1 ac/h) + VAT
 Language consultation  €25
 In-company training  Ask us for a quote

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