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We offer our langauge trainings in small groups (up to 10 persons in a group) in order to make language learning more effective. The levels we teach are A1 – C1. We have modern classrooms in the city center, friendly and motivated teachers and various learning styles. You are welcome to visit our courses!

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The Estonian language courses

On 26.09.2016 the Chinese language courses for the following levels begin: A1 – B2.
All prices are inclusive of VAT.

The table below contains an overview of the courses starting soon. If you cannot find a suitable course in
that table, please fill in the course registration form and mention your wishes. We will let you know whether
and when a course meeting your preferences can be organised. Please indicate all suitable options. Are
you interested in a more specific course, for instance specialty-related language studies? Please fill in the
questionnaire titled “Could not find a suitable course?” We will take your wishes into account and do our
utmost to find a solution.
If there is no available course right now please register through our registration form

We organise intensive specialty-related courses for different language proficiency levels. The lessons take place from 3 to 5 times per week, 4 academic hours per lesson, and the courses last from 3-5 weeks. Please fill in the course registration form and we will let you know when the next intensive specialty-related course is set to begin.

Before the start of the course we will send you the course confirmation.

Introduction to language levels 

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Documents & Timetables

7jan - 25aprjan 710:00apr 25Eesti keele tasemeeksamiks ettevalmistav kursus B1, 60 ak/hE/K, kell 10.00 - 11.30, õpetaja Katrin Tääker, 675 EURBe the first to register to the language course

8jan - 14marjan 812:00mar 14Estonian Language Course level A1, 40 ac/h, minigroup studyTue/Thurs, at 12.00 - 13.30, teacher Britta Tamverk, 360 EUROne guest is attending

11jan - 3novjan 1117:30nov 3Eesti keel B1 (tasemeeksamiks ettevalmistav kursus)Пт 17.30 - 19.00 / Вс 12-00 - 13.30, преподаватель Лариса Бобкова, 160 ак.ч, 1460 евро (144 € в месяц)One guest is attending

17jan - 13junjan 1708:00jun 13Tasemeeksamiks ettevalmistav eesti keele kursus A2, 120 ak/hTue/Thurs, 08.00 - 09.30, 80 ac/h, teacher Katrin Tääker, 1350 EUR2 Guests are attending

24jan - 13mayjan 2413:00may 13Eesti keele kursus tasemele A1.2Курс эстонского языка для начинающих на уровень А1.2 (вторая часть курса А1), Пн 13.00 - 14.30 /Чт 10.45 - 12.15, преподаватель Гуннель Коба, 60 ак.ч., 560 евро (135 в месяц).2 Guests are attending

31jan - 20mayjan 3109:00may 20Eesti keele kursus A2.2 (tasemeeksamiks ettevalmistav kursus)Курс эстонского языка на уровень А2-2, Пн/Чт 09.00- 10.30 Преподаватель Гуннель Коба 60 ак.ч, 560 евро (135 евро в месяц)2 Guests are attending

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