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All of our language courses from A to C

We offer courses at all levels in twelve languages: Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Estonian, Russian, Finnish, English , Spanish, Italian, French, German and Chinese. Before registering, we recommend that you take a look at the different language levels to figure out which one’s right for you. The indicators below describe the skills you should have by the time you complete the level in question.


A1 (Beginner)


I understand and can produce everyday phrases and questions. I can introduce myself and communicate with people serving me (e.g. in cafés and restaurants, clothes shops, food stores, bus and railways stations and at airports). My speech is made up mostly of simple sentences. I’m OK if the people I speak to use simple phrases and expressions and speak slowly and clearly.
A2 (Elementary) I understand text and speech about everyday situations. I can describe people and objects. I can talk about myself, my work, my hobbies, my family and my home. I use both past and future tenses. I can show people the way and tell them a few things about the place I live. If the people I speak to use their mother tongue without adapting it for me, I get the gist of what they’re saying, if not every single word.
B1 (Intermediate) I understand and can contribute to conversations about topical issues (such as the school system, work, politics, equality, customs, special days, homes, health, family and history). I may make mistakes when I speak, and not always speak fluently, but the people I speak to understand what I’m getting at.
B2 (Upper intermediate) I can talk freely about myself and topical issues and understand when others do likewise. I may make mistakes when it comes to more complex sentence structures, and occasionally I may need to look up a word. I know the words I need to talk about my job and how to express myself properly. I understand the TV news and in newspapers, unless the topic is highly specific. The people I speak to can use their mother tongue without adapting it at all and our conversations flow nicely.
C1 (Advanced) I understand longer and more complicated text and speech. I don’t have any problems understanding TV news or newspaper articles. I make very few mistakes, and those I do tend to be in areas that aren’t familiar to me. The people I speak to might sometimes even mistake me for a native speaker.
C2 (Proficiency) The highest level. I speak the language as well as I do my own mother tongue. I understand highly complex scientific texts and speech. I know the language at a philological level.

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